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Microscale Embedded

...sowing the seeds to Africas Technology Revolution

Your one-stop shop for inputs and services required to make hi-tech products

About Us

Microscale Embedded Ltd is an electronics design and manufacturing company. Our mission is to make the local production of hi-tech products economically viable for Nigerians. As a result, we offer electronics design and manufacturing services to clients in Nigeria. Our products and services are designed to make it easier for our clients to design and manufacture hi-tech products at a cost that is globally competitive. We made history in January 2012 when we opened an assembly line to locally manufacture our automatic changeover switch, ACO. The ACO is the first electronics product that was not only designed but also manufactured (mass produced) in Nigeria.

In addition to helping clients to design and manufacture products we also sell and market our own products. We want to serve as a model on how to make, deliver and support products in the market so that our design/manufacturing clients can learn from our experience.

Our services are designed to power high-tech startups and SMEs and make them succeed. Our object is to have a critical mass of SMEs that will transform Nigeria’s business environment into an ecosystem suitable for hi-tech manufacturing and to make it possible for Nigerians to participate in the 21st century global economy as a contributor.


To be at the forefront of the emerging hi-tech design and manufacturing sector both as an industry catalyst and as an innovator by leading the hi-tech sector from its current almost zero contribution to become one of the major sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Immediate Goals

  • To be a onestop shop for all inputs and services that will enable the design, prototyping and production of hi-tech goods and services in Nigeria.

  • To encourage hi-tech entrepruenership among the youths by exposing them to knowledge, tools and technologies.

  • To be the dominant force in the emerging hi-tech sector by being at the forefont in the development of innovations for homes and businesses.

Our Products

Automatic Changeover Switch

This is a series of products with different capacities.

Automatic Changeove Switch


  • Automatically switch from Mains to Generator and vice versa
  • Power down the Generator when mains is restored
  • Manually Stop (and Start) Generator without leaving the house.
  • Optionally Start the Generator when mains is interrupted (comes at additional cost)
  • Use your phone to start or stop the Generator (when integrated with Microscale’s Smart Home)
  • Supports both single and three phase
  • Capacity from 5kVA to 60KVA

Smart Home

Smart Home Controller Smart Home App Smart Home on DB

Smart-home combines the power of the microprocessor and modern communication methods to give you the power to control and monitoring over your home(s) from anywhere in the world using a variety of remote control devices including but not limited to your smart-phone.

Our Smart-home architecture consists of three main building blocks: the Hub, the Node and the smart-home network. The Hub, also known as the command processor, is the smart-home gateway. It receives commands from different sources including the internet, SMS, local Wi-Fi, etc. and then routes it to the addressed node on the smart-home network.

The nodes represent endpoints in the smart-home. There are different types of nodes including the Controller node which is interfaced to the home’s distribution box to control various circuits from there. The IR-node stands for Infra-red Remote control node. It is used for controlling all infra-red controlled appliances such as TV sets, set-top boxes and sound systems, and air conditioners. Other node types include various sensors and actuators such as motion sensors, RFID readers, fingerprint readers, door locks, CCTV cameras, etc.

The Smart-Home network can be wired or wireless. The wired configuration uses a UART bus that also carries the power supply known as power bus. The wireless configuration is based on ZigBee.

Our special device, the Smart-Home Lite is designed for low-cost installations and combines the functions of the Hub and Controller Node, making the smart-home network unnecessary.

Cash Register

Cash Register

This product is still in Beta testing. It rethinks the cash register in order to help you manage a single store or a chain of stores. It keeps track of your inventory and generates your cashflow reports which you can receive by email whereever you are in the world. In addition it integrates with several e-commerce platforms such as opencart to syncronize your online inventory with that of your physical store.

Attendance, Access Control and Verification System

Bio Terminal Ports Micro Terminal

This is about 7 inch wide terminal with a 2.8 inch display, an RFID and fingerprint reader. It supports both wifi and ethernet connectivity. it also supports an optional camera.


  1. Enterprise Ready backend software (can be embedded inside this device) with web-interface for User registration, reporting and administration.

  2. User configurability. the entire application is user configurable including support for the definition of extra tables and fields. A report designer also enable users to design and generate arbitrary types of reports with user designed layouts. ID Card printing is also supported.

  3. Trigger/Alert feature. this enables an administrator to set certain criteria of interest and he will get an email or sms alert when met. for example he may want to see certain reports at the end of every month. or he want a notification when up to 3 members of his department are late.

  4. Access Control: The terminal supports various kinds of electronic locks including EM locks. the back end has also been upgraded to include access control permissions and logging.

  5. User Control: Our Admin interface supports multiple users and groups. Permissions to database entities can be assigned at user or group level. this ensures a fine grained level of data access control.

  6. AFIS support: Our system can also be used for automatic fingerprint identification especially in the government sector where ghost workers are a problem

Make a Product

Assembly Line PCB

Let us help you translate your product ideas into reality. We help you with design, prototyping, component sourcing and Manufacturing.

These services are targeted at SMEs, Research Institutes, the self-employed and even students and hobbyists. This service aims at providing a platform for the growth of high tech manufacturing in Nigeria. We have helped to introduce a number of products including tablet computers, inverters, and the automatic changeover switch.

Our services are designed to power high-tech startups and SMEs and make them succeed.

Our expertise has also proved useful for large Companies and Manufacturers and we have helped a number of clients save a lot on equipment repair by helping them find local solutions or help them source components needed to repair faulty modules instead of replacing the entire module. We have clients in the oil, telecoms, and textile industries.

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We have almost 2 dozen different course modules covering embedded systems, mobile and wen applications developments. Our course modules covers the very technologies we use to develop our own products. They are naturally hands-on oriented and is enriched with our experience in product design and development.

A new course module is started every Monday, this is to ensure that participants can enroll anytime throughout the year. We also have special weekends courses for those who are too busy to attend classes during the weekdays.

Here are some of the available course modules:

Embedded Systems

  • Rapid System Prototyping with Arduino
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems ft 8051 MCU
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems AVR MCU
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems ft PIC MCU
  • Advance Embedded System ft STM32
  • Printed Circuit board design and layout


  • Building Android Applications with Java
  • Cross-platform application development with Cordova
  • iOS Application Development with Swift
  • iOS Application Development with Objective-C
  • Python based cross platform application development
  • Using C# and Mono to build cross platform Applications
  • Building Universal Windows Applications with C#

Web Applications

  • Introduction to web design with HTML and CSS
  • Client and Server side web programming with javascript and nodejs
  • Introduction to Programing in Python
  • Building web Applications with Django

Advanced Programing Courses

  • Image Processing in Python and OpenCV
  • 3D graphics programming with OpenGL
  • Implementing Deep Learning algorithms in Python

Integrated Circuts and Computer Architecture

  • Digital Design with FPGA
  • FPGA based SOC with Linux
  • CPU design and Implementing on FPGA


  • Introduction to Linux
  • C Programing on Raspberry Pi
  • C++ Programming on Raspberry Pi
  • Building Linux for Embedded Systems